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KING Beverage Co., Inc.

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Check the following items before you call for service:
  1. Is the dispenser or carbonator electric cord unplugged?
  2. Are any of the fuse box circuit breakers in the "off" position?
  3. Is there syrup remaining in the container and is it properly connected?
  4. Is there CO2remaining and are pressure regulators properly adjusted?
  5. Is the water supply off and are the water or other supply lines crimped?
  6. Are the dispensing faucets calibrated properly for ratio?
  7. If your system is ice cooled, is there ice covering the bottom of the ice bin?
  8. If your system is electrically cooled, is there anything obstructing the flow of air through the grill?


    If no syrup is dispensed at any valve for a product, or if the valve(s) sputter or foam while dispensing (and diffusers are not missing)...

    1. Rinse line connector in warm water each time before connecting new box.
    2. Be sure line connector and bag connector are hand tight and not cross threaded.

    The above prevents syrup leaks at the bag in box and also keeps air out of system. If the connection allows excess air in system, sputtering and/or foaming will result.
    1. Ensure that none of the clear plastic lines between the bib and pumps are pinched (boxes sitting on lines, etc.).
    2. Check that you have not run out of CO2.
    3. Check the CO2 pressure to the pumps:
      • Set at 65 PSIG for sugar and diet products.
      • May set seperate diet product regulator, if present, at 50 to 65 PSIG.
    4. After checking items 1 - 5, if the bag selector had not switched to a full bag automatically, switch it manually. (The indicator on the bag selector points to the bib from which syrup is being drawn.) It should now work normally after correcting above items.
    5. Dispense the product continuously for 30 seconds to see if problem is corrected.
    6. If items 1 - 6 do not correct problem:
      • Check for syrup leaks throughout system.
      • Check for very large air bubbles normally until air bubbles pass through.

    After checking the above call:
    1-800-400-COLA (2652)